Waitng For The Wave EP

by The Real Deal

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The Real Deal’s second release Waiting for the Wave brands their unique style of party punk and ska. It is six intense songs, with lyrical messages discussing as much their hatred of the current underground music scene as it does their taste for beer and partying with friends. The Real Deal makes their intent loud and clear through this EP. It is an ode to their influences and cries for a return to the skate pop punk era of the later 90’s. Catchy melodies, loud guitars and all the energy punk rock has been lately lacking, Waiting for the Wave is a must for your punk rock collection.


released June 6, 2006



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The Real Deal Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: Apple Blossom
Apple Blossom

Second year in a row and you don’t want me to go
You said that we’d gain nothing
Well we’ve got friends from coast to coast
Do you want a story? Here it goes!

Sitting on the corner watching bagpipers go by
Drink another Moosehead feel my throat go suddenly dry

Loss of vision, a stumble vision, looks up and sees the sky

Got to pee the 12 beers out of my system or die

Shotgun, belch stand up and cheer
The valley stands for drinking beer

Wake up with a cottonmouth and a throbbing pain in my head
And who the fuck said that a jazz riff
In a punk rock song was dead?

What the hell was that?
I guess the rules went on vacation
Because they didn’t want to meet the band

The route is pending and it’s clear
That we will be back every year
Track Name: Pre-Addict

How does it feel to be?
The one who conquered me?
Now I’m fighting on my knees
And I’m begging for a reason

Tell me why it wasn’t meant to be
I never thought it would have this effect on me
I hate the past so honestly
From the shadows of the bar this one’s for

The only regret I ever had
Is not taking pride in the time I had

I don’t want to be your second best
Five years ago we first met
I took a sip and I couldn’t put you down
Last call this is my final round

Tell me why you spread so evenly
What in right moral should belong to me

I hate to be the last in line
I hate to be the one who breaks the news to you
I spent my time and calmly ranked
15th on your list of guys to tank
And now there’s no turning back
Track Name: I Hate Your Scene
I Hate Your Scene

A friend once told me
You can do anything you put your mind to
So I put my mind to rest and I grew

Out of control
A vicious circle surrounds me
And I hate the world that looks down upon me

Mother Nature’s misogyny
The genocide of the emo bread
Nothing but comedy…TO ME!

Lottery wins for aristocracy
Sodomy in a Greek comedy
Don’t get involved with me; I hate your scene

A friend once told me
You can be anything that you want to be
So I went ahead and conned my body
Into being an icon for society
To poke fun, make a mockery of me

A junkie’s hand on your girlfriend’s knee
And the Holy Ghost just layed his hand on me
Talk about hilarity…WITH ME!

A crooked cop gets a good clean shot
And a good clean cop smokes a lot of pot
The straightedge kid defeats sobriety
The anarchist featured on TV
Ideologies…NOT ME!
Drunken son beating on his dad
An a+ grade that isn’t all that bad
Track Name: New Year
New Year

Media don’t tell me what to buy
I don’t need a gun to protect my life
Or a third car with 5 speeds

Consumptions are assumptions
Of what you think the eye meet needs
The standards met by the media and owned companies

As a New Year resolution
It seems to me

Don’t depend on me
For what you want
For what you need

They’ll control your fears
So you will adhere
To their ideal conformities

Brand names aren’t so bad
Fuck I’m wearing Vans on my back
It’s more what some portray

I don’t want to
But you want me
To separate what’s mine from yours
Segregate what’s yours from mine
Track Name: Somewhere Somehow
Somewhere Somehow

When I hear that record play
I’m not thinking of that someone that I should be thinking about

3000 thousands miles away
I’ll never say goodbye again, goodbye again

Somewhere, somehow
Somewhere, somehow

A weak reprisal
A meeting of the minds that simply cannot be undone

And forget the hearsay
I’ll never forget the time we spent, and your dissent

How can you believe to try, to comprehend and understand
The feeling evoked, the circle broke, and I can’t stand
Around gagging on desperation

What can you repeat, deny, obliterate and reprimand
The battle provoked, nostalgia choked, I wish I had ran
To a place we call safe haven
Track Name: Waiting for the Wave
Waiting for the Wave

Rectifying the people’s mistake
Dancing to the music that they fucking hate
A nation of one track dependent minds
Living a lifestyle without guidelines

A unit suppressed by the industry
Any other trend doesn’t seem to be
A worthwhile run for the companies
So what? So fucking what?

Waiting for the wave

So sick and tired of waiting
Boycott the radio
Pick up the pace to creating
A movement of our own

The legends in California
But the pick up wave’s back home
So fucking sick and tired of waiting
But we can’t fucking do it alone