Hungover, But Dead Sober

by The Real Deal

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THE REAL DEAL's second full-length effort, “Hungover, But Dead Sober”, continues to define their unique brand of hilarious party punk and ska. The album features 15 intense songs dealing with a variety of issues ranging from senseless violence in "Bombs Away!" and "The Beating" to the state of the music industry with "What Happened?!? Fuck!?!” in between countless party anthems. Sarcastic, serious and silly, THE REAL DEAL's newest touches on just about everything a good punk record should. Catchy melodies, loud guitars, violent drums and all the energy punk rock has been lacking lately, “Hungover, But Dead Sober” is a must for your punk rock collection.


released April 22, 2008

Engineered, Mixed, and Produced by Steve Foote (Big D And The Kids Table)



all rights reserved


The Real Deal Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: A Gift To You From Us
A Gift To You From Us

I don’t want to hear you talk about it on the whole way home
I don’t want to hear you talk about it just leave it alone
And if you think you got me pegged, your mind’s made up on judging me
I have a middle finger in my pocket, a gift to you from me
Would you like it wrapped to go?
Track Name: Awake

Tonight girl, you got me thinking
I haven’t slept in 3 long days
What if this isn’t a phase?
It’s more like a drug
The more I take in the more I’m fucked up
If I wrote you a letter instead of this song would you care for me more?

Hope you don’t think I’m a joke
Our reality is simply fake
All is fine until you pinch me
Then I’m awake
No one knows what the future holds
Live for the present I’ve been told
As if it was a steady state

Great! Now I’m hooked on all things I used to hate
Hate, writing songs about the future and our fate
Fate, we’re both human, our delusions are in play
Play, I can stand by for as long as it’ll take.

When I spoke my mind that winter night
You took it all in, you didn’t put up a fight
Are things meant to be, we’ll wait and see
But for now let’s just live comfortably
In knowing what we have is for real
Who gives a shit what others might feel!
Track Name: Bombs Away!
Bombs Away!

I’m sick and tired of hearing about the people who fight
And all those others who always think that they’re always right
The way it looks it sure as hell don’t seem right
I wonder if we’ll ever make it through the night

The news and politics are just the same as before
Millions of dollars not ours no not anymore
Another shooting last night at the corner store
I wonder if we’ll ever see the end of these fights?

How did our world ever turn out this way?
How can we all keep living, today?

This ain’t a test, it’s a nuclear mess
And all the people breathing today will have to try their best

There are these people who have never seen outside their door
And there are those who have seen it all and still want more
Which one of those do you think has a better life?
‘Cause one is blind and the other’s got to stay alive

You’ve seen it once which means you’ve seen it all before
You’re lack of knowledge is what got you through that door
And when you see your plans aren’t going right
You drop a bomb and get ready for another fight!
Track Name: The Beating
The Beating

It’s got to be lonely
In your world of slowly – planned attacks!
You got to be joking when you say
You have no friends on the way

Who’s going to protect you?
When they catch up to you – they’re on their way!
There’s a lesson to be learned
I’ll say you’re to late

And I’ll bet, it’s a message, they will not stop at you
On the ground, you’ll be helpless; they’ll calmly surround you
For a change, you’re the victim, and there’s nothing you can do
Besides pray that they’re not as cruel as you

Remove your hands
From your eyes – dry the cries!
In disbelief you’ll pick up your pride and inside
You’ll vow revenge
You haven’t learned a thing – and that’s when!
All the kids came back to finish the beating
Track Name: No Stupid Chances
No Stupid Chances

I dreamt last night
Of a better place, a better life, live at a slower pace
Forget the past, I’m learning from my mistakes

I woke up suddenly to find
The world as I left it late last night and I
Regained the right to my one track mind

The fear has locked me down
Insecurity, accountability has left me to drown in a
Pool of my own faith
And I will drain it today

Never mind
The joke is on me
The fantasy won’t subside
Religion won’t change my mind

I could have suddenly lost out
On the one thing in this world that makes my life seem sound but since
I always luck out
I chose to learn from my mistakes ‘cause in my dream I learned to take
No stupid chances
Track Name: Buy Me Booze
Buy Me Booze

Ran out of money again
Never thought I’d run out of inhibition
My state of inebriation’s following me,
Why don’t you buy me some booze?

Get the fuck out of my way
Got to get my beer injection
It is for your own protection and my self-reflection
I’m drowning, short breathed and confused
Why don’t you buy me some booze?

At 20 years young I feel like a bum
And in retrospect I got no respect
For who you were, who you are and who you want to be
Got nothing to prove but so much to lose

At 20 years young
I feel like a bum
And in retrospect I got no respect
So fuck you, screw you and buy me some booze!
Track Name: Rock Me!
Rock Me!

Walk in to the club, we’re about to have us some fun
Tonight nothing can go wrong
We’ll wear to the tear, the open hardwood floor where
The band played their first song

Everyday twice on a Saturday
Three times when we have enough fight
Sit back enjoy the show and smile
The smoke will clear, last call you’ll hear,
Quick finish up that beer
Where’s the encore, we want more.

First band of the night, check the coats, hit the lights
Let those feelings sink in
The spirit of game and trial, we’ll rock the dance floor while
Enjoying our first drink

Loud, around, you’ll kick me right to the ground
The sound of smashing to the concrete,
Loud, around, you’ll kick me right to the ground
Track Name: Freedom Of Speech
Freedom Of Speech

I’ll state I’m not the violent type
Confirmed, I’ll never pick a fight
Here now, lies an exception
I want to FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! Public transportation

I’ll state I’m not the violent type
Confirmed, I’ll never pick a fight
Here now, lies an exception
I want to FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! And cure my ballistic frustration

And twice, ban me for life, I won’t show grief
I’ll walk everywhere; I’ll build strength and character
Then knock out all your teeth

I’ve got beef with you
It’ll be me and you
There’s no point in hiding and its true
Because as long as I’ve got my freedom of speech you’ll get a kick in the face

So call me a threat, a social deviant, a vandal with no grace
Well as long as I got my freedom of speech
You’ll get a kick in the face
I won’t kill you, won’t make that mistake
But when you die I’ll piss on your grave
Track Name: Dream Girl
Dream Girl

Another night, I’m trying to forget
Another memory I’m trying to suppress
The guilt of having all this fun without her
Can only mean one thing for sure I love her

I know I’ve found the girl for me she always talks about me
I know I’ve found the girl of my dreams, she knows to believe me
I know I’ve found the girl for me she’ll be my only reason to
To come back home


I have a girl who will drink me at the bar
Dress like a porn star for my display
I have a girl who doesn’t have all the answers
I wouldn’t want her to anyway

I’ve found a girl and I know I will never let her go
And the best place in the world is where she is
I’ve seen the country far and wide and I’ve come to realize
That the best place in the world is where she is
Track Name: Heritage

5 minutes a week where you think you’ve made proud of your heritage
Then you blame it on me and suggest that I seek an alternative
Well I don’t want to be schooled by you and by the way
You are lame in all those things you fucking do

Why can’t I be myself with you?
No Brothers, no lovers, a selfish reaction, a fatal attraction
I’ve always been grateful, and never unfaithful
I do what I can and I hope that you pass on those

It doesn’t have to be your life commitment
It doesn’t have to be all that you are looking for
If you’re having fun and feeling happy
You’ll go for the gold, and look down the road, and every time you see you’ll find a friend to share a real good time and if you’re lucky they’ll spend
Track Name: Ivan Says
Ivan Says

Ivan says, play punk rock
Play it faster, play it harder, add some fucking spunk

Ivan says, play punk rock
It wouldn’t be the same without him
It would just plain fucking suck

Can’t you feel
What’s the deal
With our scene
Track Name: Bushido's Way
Bushido’s Way

The womb has been broken
All I got is a token
I've roamed between heaven and hell, but I still don't want to die!
People have died, with them the truth
That's not a mistake I’m bound to make
It’s never to late to act on impact, make a difference!!
While you still can now here’s the part that's not so familiar
It’s a long song so just hang on
The present is now, the past a dream the future desired but got no time machine
It’s the right time, to make a difference!!

1, 2, 3 Take a look at me, am I friend, an ally or an enemy
3, 4, 5 Once you decide, reflect, we have time on our side
6, 7, 8 It’s up for debate, stand by, or fight to fend your life’s fate
8, 9, 10, Fuck all of them, sing the words to make a difference

Our hearts guide the all-seeing path,
Government policy, infiltrate our minds
Born to follow human etiquette
An equation simply gone wrong
An infinite amount of possibilities, a handful of choices!!

We need it, we want it.
We’ll eat it, we’ll breathe it.
Track Name: Not A Song About Me
Not A Song About Me

Welcome back, take your shoes off, make yourself at home
Pick my brain for the night, I’m all alone
You’re not turn to that radio tonight
What makes you think that it’s all right, is that tune?

After 16 years of cries and desperation
Shana came to me
Choked on my words I had no explanation
That song wasn’t me

I can be mean
I can be shallow
I can say all the wrong things all the time
I’m a kick when you’re down
The floor to your fall
I guess no one really knows me after all

Welcome home, take a load off, and pour yourself a drink
We’ll meet here twice a week to kick and scream
Our lungs out to that radio tonight
What makes you think that it’s all right, is it that tune?

After 8 long weeks of rehabilitation
Billy came to me
He spoke my words in misinterpretation
That song wasn’t me
Track Name: Fashion War
Fashion War

Just about 6 years ago I heard a song called Private Radio
Followed by a tune they once called True Believers and it
‘Was a song about unity, all of them against you and me
Spikes and drugs against rules and laws there were no subdivisions

Going back 10 years ago, I red some lyrics from Billy Joe
The king of punk he preached a life without recognition and it
‘Was a song about leaving home, and in your room feeling so alone
With only a guitar to call your home, but then came aspirations

We hung low, without charisma
Now aim high, we’ll catch you by surprise
It is our turn to be, an anthem for your memories
Gripping on to summer dreams
Support the death of our scene

Take a look at the scene today
I’m only 22 but I got to say
It makes me sick to see these kids who stand divided and its
Nothing more than a fashion war, which one of us is more hardcore?
DK back patch and Misfit pins I’m so sick and tired of fitting in
Track Name: What Happened?!? Fuck!?!
What Happened?!? Fuck!?!

Our first shows, the crowd had kind of low voices
The smell of sweat, cigarettes, beer regret and aggression
Aroma brought nausea so near
Tear, fear, now it’s crystal clear
That we’re all goners but there’s still honor
In writing music to my ears
A simple verse, a catchy melody
We got skills, but there’s no thrill
To write a song that’ll get you laid
Sometimes we’ll have something to say
But when we don’t, there’s no shame
To fill the hook with a few quick “Heys!”

Hey! Hey! What happened to the good old days?
Of poppy punk, ska and skate!
Just a little bit of reggae, is that too much to ask for?

You’ll take some things for granted,
You won’t chew you won’t chew.
Remember how good it tasted, it wont do, it wont do
It’s not our stage; we’ll fight to take it back
Rain on your parade, you eye-line wearing …