by The Real Deal

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Once in a while, a band comes along and changes the face of music. The Real Deal is indisputably NOT one of these bands…Hot damn they are fucking FUN to be around though!

Their sophomore Stomp Records release entitled “FUN” is a fitting name for the 12 tracks of what the band has come to brand as Party Punk. The record hits stores May 5th.
WARNING: exposure to “FUN” may induce unexplainable binge drinking and spontaneous mosh pits.

Closing in on 350 shows across North America (since 2004), 351 hangovers (since 2008) and no gold records (to date or in the foreseeable future), The Real Deal have rocked stages with the likes of Less Than Jake, The Slackers, Millencolin, Protest The Hero, Reel Big Fish, The Planet Smashers, Gob, Set Your Goals and so many more.


released May 5, 2009



all rights reserved


The Real Deal Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: A Day With Me
A Day With Me

I love the way you make yourself seem so important
As though
Every second of your time is precious waste
Another day
Another step, another dead end job for keepsake
Stay awake
You better clear your schedule, tomorrow you will spend!

A day with me
And you’ll see, that life can be easy
And the best things in life are free
If you like simplicity
Or if you’re anything like me

And even though you got your panties in a twist friend
Let’s go
Bring you down to earth where we’ll see eye to eye
I don’t despise
Your shitty take, the outlook’s fake; your mind’s been poisoned
What the fuck!?
You need to clock out, check out, tomorrow you will spend!
Track Name: Better Change
Better Change

You may not believe me,
You may not have faith in me,
But here’s a story as old as the hills,
It’ll earn your guilt and sorries,

Broke ass Mom can’t afford her children
Kids on the street to support her problem
They never got a shot, now they’re shooting coke and junk
Mom’s small shoes easily filled on society’s bill

I can paint you a picture
See the images on TV
But did you ever stop to think
That maybe there was more to this story

What you didn’t know is that Mom had symptoms
Of memory failure, paranoia, delusions.
One day she found herself involved with the wrong help
Now she’s working on the streets for drugs, selling sex and love

Expect the most; fear the least, from the unforgiving streets
You have a room without a view, judging the world without a clue
Help the strong; forget the weak, marching to an unfamiliar beat
We can stay and play these old games, or we can stay and play for better change

Now lies Mom near the phone, passed out, a broken dial tone
No one’s on the other line, no one was there to feel her die
Not a sound, no alarm, just that fucking needle in her arm
Waiting for her kids to get home, when they did they were

On their knees, they were begging please
To God, give Mom one more chance
At life, at health, at sweet romance
As they cradled their mother’s head she just laid there dead.
Track Name: Way Back Home
Way Back Home

Last night, I had a nervous breakdown
This town, sure knows how to get me down sometimes
Fight back; turn your back to a world of stupid problems
Don’t forget that life is way too short to be ignored,
Don’t let all the good times go to waste, do you want to bet
That out of all the remedies I’ve met

Today, I suffered through heartache
This city often brings out the worst in me,
Throw down, turn the other cheek don’t leak
All the pain to an unsuspecting victim in the game
Don’t let all the good times go to waste, do you want to bet
That out of all the remedies I’ve met

Tonight, I got into a fight
I kind of lost sight, of what’s of true importance and
All the stupid things I’ve done, and all the stupid songs I’ve sung
I should have preached ignorance and
A contradiction, I’ll stare into the sun for an answer that will be morbid and
Some things I can’t explain
Like how I don’t complain,
For things that would drive you crazy
I guess I’m just lazy
Or could it be that maybe I’m done?

I’m scared of places I don’t know
Shut down, forget my way back home
Familiar sounds, my stereo, it goes
An ear wide smile, my comfort zone
I know that I’ll never be alone
Familiar sounds, my stereo, it goes
Track Name: Rebel's Chant
Rebel’s Chant

Scream out loud
Fight for your sanity
A rebel’s chant is all we need
It goes
Oh! hey Oh! hey Oh, hey oh hey oh!
Fists in the air for everyone to see

Head sores, head bores, another charismatic leader saying what we want to hear
Beware, he won’t be there, to reassure, in store order, when the reason has been heard,
For our let downs, and our breakdowns, if you don’t believe in me, just look around and you will see
The stories they say, the image portrayed are lies and deceptions based on recollections from the made up memories.

I don’t give a shit, if you believe in Judaism, if you are a Muslim or a Christian
But what I can’t stand, and never understand, is how one faithful can be so ungrateful to,
All the differences, in opinions, how is your belief in God, better than another God?
The stories they read, the message they breed, are lies and deceptions, based on recollections from the made up memories.

Be aware, your mind’s a dirty dare,
In their game of power and despair,
A pawn, a ploy, to control all that you are worth
Their dream, the scheme, to make you all that you can be
Is just their way to profit from your being,
And even if you were to plan ahead, the problem’s way over your head
Track Name: Without Argument
Without Argument

Just ask me. Why am I so happy?
I’ve read between the lies, one by one, a thousand times
We split the difference between inconsistent
Tales of democracy and stories of authority

Forget me not, I’ll spill my guts a thousand times,
For those who have spilled their blood
For our freedom, and then there’s those who don’t give a shit
They’re insignificant

Be my guest to waste your life away
Fishing for decay and then throwing it back without resent
Just let it go, enjoy the time you’re owed
Cash-in while the market’s high then realize it’s do or die

Luxuries have all become necessities
A reason to breed routine
Break free from your transcendent parallels,
They’re guiding you straight to hell
Track Name: It's Paradise
It’s Paradise

I’m tired of speeding through the motions
I want to stop and smell the roses
There’s something about you that makes me feel invincible
I’m screaming from the rooftops, wash away those teardrops today

Don’t dare think I take for granted
Your caring arms, your lips, I’m stranded

In my bad luck, it fucking sucks, that you’re not here with me my dear
Hold on tight, just four more nights
Make me eat my heart out; won’t you. Ask me how my day went; don’t you.
Ignorance is more than bliss, it’s paradise.
Track Name: Our Parking Lot
Our Parking Lot

Today is the day, what the fuck do you want to do anyway?
We got time to kill, and nothing to say then we have to play
For 30 minutes, the same old songs, but this is where we all really belong
Don’t want to get a job; we all get along now that Nicky’s gone.
5 years, 10,000 beers, sit back relax until

I got to pee, I got to go, but we got to get to the show
Have a beer, have no fear we’re playing loud and clear
We’re living large, taking charge, everything is alright
This parking lot is home sweet home for the night

80 times a day, you think about the way
You’re going to live, you’re going to eat you’re going to pave the way
Back home, but when in Rome, everything is alright
Don’t choose, let loose, you won’t win the fight
Your paranoia about the future not being so bright
You’re depressed you’re alone for the night
Track Name: Judge A Book
Judge A Book

Don’t waste your time you know you can’t conform me
I won’t join the ranks of your snore club
My teenage years never did once betray me
It’s safe to say I got a warning from my love

From the punk, from the songs, from the music and my friends
Never pretend to be something that they’re not
Lesson learned, it’s your turn, to come clean, support the scene
That gave me all I needed to succeed,

I can’t expect the world to stop around me
Follow my time table and all my rules
But in return I’ll ask for something simple
Mutual respect from the straights to the fools, or we’ll fuck it up
Track Name: Shut Your Mouth
Shut Your Mouth

Esthetics, forget it, remember I said it, what matters the most is what’s in your mind.
Your morals, your ethics, considered pathetic, you read one book now you’re superior? Divine?
Do me a favor, don’t play the world’s savior, I’m taking the night off so why don’t you?
Your other agenda, politics, religion are not very welcome at this point in time
Here’s a toast to you shutting your mouth. Here we go!

Don’t bring me down, just reach high for the sky
Don’t bring me down; I’m on a permanent high

Lay off the worry, the world’s got its jury, things always work out it’s not how it seems
To be in affection, you’ll lose your direction; take a note of what I’m hinting you.
I’ve seen it once, a million times before, they’ll judge you, they’ll punch you, they’ll kick you out the door.
You’ll land flat on your face, you’ll curse the human race, every action has reaction now react to what I say!
Here’s a toast to you shutting your mouth. Here we go!

Don’t bring me down, just reach high for the sky
Don’t bring me down; I’m on a permanent high

You want to be with me?
I don’t want to be with you!
‘Cause you’re always bringing me down!

Don’t bring me down; I like to keep my head high
Don’t bring me down; we’ll never see eye to eye
Track Name: Another "Another Fuck You Song"
Another “Another Fuck You Song”

You wouldn’t last a day in our shoes
You know you don’t belong,
We’ll call on you; this is our “Fuck You Song”

We can’t afford hotel rooms so we crash in the van
3 hour nights then we’re off to play again

We never make a penny off our own CDs
This doesn’t sound like a rock star life to me

For those of you who call us sellouts
You just gave us one more thing to sing about

To all the ladies:
No I don’t want to fuck you, I don’t want your STD
And no you can’t get that shirt for free

To all the bands:
Your band does not impress us, big shots on your first tour
You’ll be broken up within 14 months I’m sure

To all the critics:
That’s how we roll, we give credit where credit’s due
So listen up, here’s a couple words for you
Fuck you!
Track Name: My So Called Life
My So Called Life

Don’t talk to me about being busy
You’re preaching to the choir/barking up the wrong tree
Your day’s routine does not impress me
You’re working for the bills while I’m working for the smile and while
Everyday I pay the price to stay with you

But it’s true I owe you so much
And when it’s time, then its time, no need to give up
Before then, we can spend, all our money, party and take in all the sights
I thank you my so-called life

Don’t talk to me about being lazy
I wrote the handbook after catching all the symptoms
Your day’s routine does not impress me
You’re working for the must while I’m working for the trust and lust in
Everyday I pay the price to stay with you

For every step you take for granted
There’s one less breath of fresh air to you, I swear
And when it’s time, then it’s time, no need to give up before then
‘Cause we can spend

Hey! Hey! Hey!
You can call all your friends; we’ll drink and pick it up again!
Track Name: Boddington Beer
Boddington Beer

Off to your flat and your lass ain’t there
You walk to the cold box and grab yourself a beer
Flip on the tele, there’s tits in the air,
Head to the pub my friend,
For a Boddington Beer

Off to the pub and your mates ain’t there
Walk to the bar keep and demand a beer
He asks what you want; you slap him in the rear
Give me a Boddington beer

The last call bell, the bouncer says “go”!
You take 12 beers for the road and home,
When you get there Hannah’s up and ready to go
Your dick says “yes”, but the ale says “no”.