A Dated Joke

by The Real Deal

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a message from The Real Deal:

Well here it is, FINALLY! Our first release since 2009.

A lot has happened in 5 years. The world has changed. The music industry has changed. And we have changed: as a band, as musicians, and as individuals.

Musically, this record was a challenge. We definitely did not want to stray from the sound that defines us as a band. It's a sound that we grew up with, that inspired and shaped us, and on some level I believe, we have earned the right to play.

Lyrically, we're spitting out some thoughts on topics we never really explored, and painting a few darker pictures in the process. Don't worry... there's still a couple of good ol' fashion drinking and partying songs that cater to our immaturity.

With the exception of Mr. Ivan Crosato who lent his time to help record drums (he is still telling us to ''play punk rock'') this record was 100% self recorded, mixed and produced, and this over the course of 16 months. The time lapse between the time the first snare was sound checked, and the time the last sound clip was added to the mix, was a challenge in itself. Our vision changed along the way. We evolved as the record was progressing. . Somehow, we think it all still works ensemble.

We didn't take to Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or any other crowd funding platform to get this done. It gave us the opportunity to record this record the way we recorded our first: 100% DIY, with a total budget of $0.00, nice n raw! The only thing missing was Davy's Hawaiian shirts and Franco's iced Margaritas.

As many of you in our close circle know, some bitter shit has gone down along the way. It's very disheartening to be living a dream, in an arm's reach of achieving goals we had set out to meet, and then see everything come to a halt because of things outside of our control. But hey that's life, and everything happens for a reason.
'A Dated Joke' reflects all of this.

We hope you'll give it a thorough listening...and then listen to it again. And again. After 3 to 7 listens, it should grow on you :P. And only pay for it, if you want to. And let the amount be what you want; whatever you think it deserves. And if you hate it, send us a bill for your time wasted. We won't pay it, but you'll definitely have proven your point!
12 years, 1000+ shows, 3 continents, 5 releases, 3 bass players, tons of friends, a few enemies and irreparable liver damage later, here we are. Still here. For how much longer? who knows! and who cares!

-The Real Deal (ants&davy&nico&powder)


released October 16, 2014



all rights reserved


The Real Deal Montréal, Québec

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